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We purchase, manage lease and sell properties as trustee for each of our investors.  Behind each investment there is a story of wealth accumulated through long hours, business risks taken, personal sacrifices accepted, obstacles overcome and enterprises created.

Our investors should expect that we will similarly devote our skills and expertise to protecting their hard-earned capital and diligently strive to produce the promised investment returns.


Investors first

The interests of investors trump all other influences and parameters.  If, for example, it becomes necessary to retain funds in a syndicate to preserve investor capital, we have demonstrated that we will suspend our fees before we suspend distributions.  We take our trustee obligations seriously.


From the initial disclosure document to periodic updates, we strive to keep our investors informed.  This is not always as straightforward as may appear, since commercial confidence is often required to close major lease or sale transactions, in the interests of all investors in the syndicate.  We have the annual financial statements reviewed by an independent accountant and make them available free of charge.  We do not charge performance fees, which are often based on benchmarks which investors find obscure.


Together with our carefully selected consultants, we apply our years of experience and considerable skill for the benefit of our investors in purchasing, leasing managing and selling properties, as well as arranging and managing debt finance.  We continually seek to improve our knowledge and skills and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness with which they are applied.

Compliance culture

Following from the values articulated above, we pursue a culture of honesty, integrity, and self-reporting, with a document trail of appropriate checks and balances.  Conflicts of interest rarely arise but, when a potential conflict appears, the resolution is always according to the “Investors first” rule.


Integrity was an acknowledged attribute of our namesake,
John Pascoe Fawkner.

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