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Commercial Property Syndication

Consistent reliable monthly income

High quality leases to financially strong tenants provide you with reliable and stable monthly income distributions (read more).

Capital stability – no sharemarket volatility

The capital value of your investment in an unlisted property syndicate is based on property fundamentals, not market sentiment and other external factors which influence the value of the share market.


You have direct access to investment returns from a variety of commercial properties in different locations with good tenants, on long leases.

Extend your reach

As part of a Fawkner Property syndicate you can access quality properties beyond your resources as a single investor (read more).

Hedge against inflation

The ability of commercial tenants to pay rent is based on their turnover, so rising prices feed into rents and, unlike term deposits, your capital keeps pace with inflation. 

Set and forget – no more to pay

Fawkner Property attends to all aspects of the management of your investment and, unlike a residential property, you are not called upon to pay for capital expenditure and major repairs, rates, leasing fees etc.

Fees and costs included

All quoted income returns are after all fees and costs.

Recent settlement of Seaford Meadows, SA

The Green Leaves Childcare Centre in Seaford Meadows settled on the 28th of November, 2019. This is our second childcare asset and falls in Private Property Trust No.5, being the third property within this trust.

For more than 10 years Investors have put their trust in Fawkner Property to increase their personal wealth, through investment in quality commercial property syndicates, with reliable monthly income and capital growth.

The Fawkner Approach

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