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Investor Overview

This area of the site is for investors in Fawkner Property syndicates.

Here you should find the information you need and the forms you require, as well as details of the compliance activities of Fawkner Property.

As an investor in a Fawkner Property syndicate, you are a member of an elite group of sophisticated investors, who understand the benefits of owning commercial property through property syndicates.

Some of our investors focus on the regular monthly income, others particularly like the stability of the capital value of their investment.

All investors appreciate the Fawkner Property management, which takes responsibility for looking after the properties, seeing to repairs and maintenance, keeping the tenants happy, paying the rates and collecting the rents, taking the hassle out of property investment.

If you would like to become an investor, please complete the form at the “Register” tab at the top of this page.

If you have any difficulty finding the information you want or if the right form is not accessible, feel free to contact our investor relations team at or on (03) 9856 4577.

Investment Philosophy

The vast majority of our investors are self-managed superannuation funds and retirees.  The role of the property allocation in their portfolios is to provide regular income and modest capital growth, to complement allocations to growth assets, such as equities. 

Hold properties as long term investments

Investments are in “core” property, rather than properties which require major restructuring or redevelopment.  The emphasis is on the reliability of the income.

Averse to capital losses

While capital gains are an objective, this is secondary to avoiding capital losses.

Thorough pre-purchase due diligence

There is a thorough due diligence process which is set out on the website.

Ensure that tenants’ businesses can sustain rents 

It is a truism that an investment property continues to produce income so long as the tenants’ businesses continue to thrive.  This requires knowledge of the appropriate levels of occupancy costs for different tenant businesses in the locality.  There may be capital expenditure required to ensure that tenants remain profitable.

Modest gearing, taking advantage of low interest rates

Real estate is popular with lenders as security.  As a result, first mortgage finance of commercial properties at modest gearing levels can attract low lender’s margins.  Lenders are also appreciative of thorough due diligence.

These low margins can be used to enhance income to investors without increasing risk to unacceptable levels. 

Retain cash for tenant incentives and capex

Many property funds, including listed REITs ran into problems during the GFC, due to a reliance on borrowed funds to pay up-front incentives to new tenants and to carry out essential capital works.  Fawkner Property syndicates plan for tenant incentives and capex by raising sufficient capital and keeping distributions within the limits of adjusted funds from operations.

2019 Tax Statements &
Financial Statements

The 2018-2019 Annual Tax Statements have been emailed directly to the investors. All statements have been issued.  Permission must be given by the investor for the tax statements to be sent to other parties i.e. accountant. Please email if you require a copy.

The Financial Statements are being reviewed and will be made available end October.

As a unit holder in a Fawkner Property syndicate, you are a member of an elite group of sophisticated investors, who understand the benefits of owning commercial property through property syndicates.

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