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Setting – The new low-return world

Retirees and investors in their 50s are being warned to prepare for returns up to 2 per cent lower than long-term averages, with forecasts built into the retirement calculators of industry and retail super funds highly unlikely to deliver.

Investment Approach 

Rental income is based on tenant businesses

The success of a property investment depends on tenants using the property in successful businesses.  A foundation of long-term productive investment is formed when the continued success and growth of the business of the tenant depends, to a significant extent, on continued operation from the property.

Expertise of the Manager 

The Manager must have established expertise in the drivers of success of the tenant business or must acquire that expertise and be cognisant of the tolerable level occupancy costs, as a fraction of turnover, each line of business can sustain.


The wider the range of tenant businesses, the more difficult it is for the Manager to be expert across the range.  The focus of the Manager is on fuel, convenience retail and childcare.


The Manager can use expertise in the business of the tenant to acquire loan finance on the most favourable terms, by acquainting the lender with the business drivers and the connections with the location and configuration of the property.

Economic data analysis 

The state of the economy at large affects the businesses of tenants in different ways.  For example, falling consumer confidence affects discretionary expenditure first but may not have a discernible effect on convenience expenditure, which is based more on consumer staples.

Property market analysis 

Analysis of the property market can disclose classes and sub-classes of assets where the best value lies.  Through expertise in tenant business streams, the Manager can avoid “chasing the trend” and add considerable value in the purchase process.

Property availability  

Fawkner Property uses an established network of real estate agents, property developers and major tenants to find off-market opportunities and distil from the multiplicity of assets offered for sale, properties which are likely to match the syndicate property strategy.

The Fawkner Approach 

Acquisition Process




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Our Track Record 




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