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The Fawkner
Property Difference


Fawkner Property creates syndicates of like-minded people to invest in property for steady income returns, well above bank fixed deposits, without the capital volatility of the stock market.


Fawkner Property syndicates are simple and transparent unit trusts, through which the investors own the property.

Robust acquisition process

Fawkner Property develops a strategy for each syndicate and selects properties that meet the strategy (see Acquisition Process).

Reliable Income

Each property is chosen for its potential to provide reliable income and a capital gain for investors at least equal to inflation, over the life of the syndicate. Distributions are paid monthly to investors.

Sensible Gearing

Fawkner Property uses sensible non-recourse gearing through the top four major banks to pass on to investors the benefits of historically low interest rates, through higher income.

Integrated organisation

Fawkner Property carries out all key steps of the property trust transaction including:

  • Asset Identification, due diligence, negotiation and acquisition
  • Sourcing of equity investment and debt financing for acquisition
  • Fund administration, corporate governance and fund strategy


Fawkner Property directly manages and leases the properties, optimising financial performance of the asset for investors including:

  • Personal tenant relationships and direct lease negotiations
  • Ensuring serviceability of facilities and managing maintenance and compliance costs
  • Identifying value-add opportunities, through detailed analysis and careful budgeting

Property Selection 

Initial evaluation

The second stage of the process starts with eliminating those properties that are overpriced or otherwise present difficulties.

Due diligence

Carry out due diligence on the most prospective properties to eliminate those with technical, legal or other defects or heightened risk factors. (see Due Diligence for details)

The Fawkner Approach

Investment approach

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Acquisition Process

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Due Diligence

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Our Track Record

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